Sunday, June 25, 2006

Erasing Borders by Louis Evan Palmer


Embassies are generally small - the size of the Embassy itself and some acreage around it. (excepting the obscene American Embassy now under construction in Baghdad)

One of the key characteristics of an Embassy being that its land is ceded to
the foreign country so that it is in effect that country extended into the host

Naturally, that allowance presupposes a number of things including that the foreign country is to behave peacefully and in good faith.

The proposal is to extend the notion of an Embassy into full-fledged cities
or towns, typically, on a reciprocal basis.

So that, you might see something like a regular, likely showcase, Canadian town of, say, 20,000 Canadians somewhere in Japan and a similar showcase town of 20,000 Japanese somewhere in Canada.

Think positively about the possibilities!

Increased understanding, interaction and cooperation. Increased trade and cultural & educational exchanges. More chance for the host country to learn the language of a given foreign nation.

On a Realpolitic side, more pressure for peaceful relations with a large number of potential hostages at hand - hence, the reciprocal aspect will be more important in some agreements versus others.

And this hostage factor would be a driving rationale for doing this with putative enemies.

War is failure. Even the threat of war is failure for it inevitably goes from being invoked rarely to being invoked often; from being used rarely to being used often. The United States is the glaring example of that although there might be some debate on the "rarely" part of that equation.

Creating Embassy cities around the world would create a tremendous force for peace for all the reasons outlined above.

To truly succeed, however, it will be incumbent on the richer nations to finance some cities for poorer countries. Treaties would be in order along with limitations on certain rights & laws - gun ownership leaps to mind,
and requirements regarding health & environmental regulations.

Think of Canada with 20 to 30 Embassy cities around the world and their impact. Say, A Canadian town in Russia, a Russian town in Canada. Similarly, in China, in Eqypt, in France, Poland, Austrailia, Indonesia, Brazil.

Then think of the USA doing this - although converting their military bases into civilian cities would be a better approach.

Think of Germany doing this, Sweden, the UK.

A relatively simple thing, it's already being done for military purposes, but with the potential for an enormous positive impact.

Ask your government to consider it!

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