Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Semblance with a thousand Causes by Louis Evan Palmer

Our life appears to be defined by illusion - not an illusion in the sense of not being real or not existing but an illusion in the sense that our life, "reality", is so different from what we think it is or how we think it came to be.

How many realities with vastly different causes look like the one we think we're in? What do we do to shape and color it?

It's especially evident and perplexing with things we take as axiomatic like space, time, identity. Each ubiquitous but ineffable. We define time is terms of motion and space. We define space in terms of matter and energy and time. We define identity in terms of space and boundaries and exchanges and interfaces and memories and feelings. Circling and spiraling and gyrating and vibrating. Remembering, both recording and recalling.

The things we experience and remember are changed through experiencing and remembering. Emotions affecting everything. Pain and pleasure present in almost every event. Pain making time go slower. Pleasure making it go faster. Meditation making time vanish.

Words that never existed. Words that change their meaning over time. Ideas that never existed. Ideas that we thought were ever-present but that had a birth in a history we didn't know. Words and Ideas that seem as real as an apple or a rock.

Looking at an object or a process and seeing a certain set of causes but realizing that any one of a hundred sets of causes would look he same.

Semblance with a thousand Causes, Louis Evan Palmer, The Way It Can Be
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