Sunday, November 09, 2014

Right Remembrance by Louis Evan Palmer

A war is a crime. It is a thing that is both small and enormous and merciless and rending and unifying and simplfying but it is never a good thing regardless of the scale. The thing we should be remembering, re-remembering and analysing is how did each war happen? Who was involved directly and indirectly? How can they be stopped?   How can they be prevented?

We see almost none of that on the various Remembrance days (or Veterans Day). We see individual heroic stories and carefully disguised articles depicting useless mindless destruction and state-fostered hate made to look glorious or altruistic. We see the "winners" gloating each year in recollections of varying length depending if there is an anniversary or some other marker.

We see almost no discussion of the causes of any given war or the lessons learned (usually the wrong ones) or how to prevent wars in general or any specific war. We see and hear the endless propaganda and lies interspersed with truths. Patriotism shields the perpetrators who walk free, often lionized. Their crimes buried along with the sacrificed. Lessons lost, ignored and subverted.

Right Remembrance, Louis Evan Palmer, The Way It Can Be

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