Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Pettiness of Power and the Canadian Flag

Tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary of the Canadian Maple Leaf Flag. By any standard, it would be a momentous occasion, in any country. Except a country run by a leader and supporters who do not hold to the country as much as they hold to their own power, their political party and their nasty little perversions of history.

It is galling that one of the most distinctive and alluring of flags can be insulted by a desiccating  neglect and the pettiness of those who would deny the whole to spite the part. They cannot deny that this neglect is politically motivated; that they ignore this anniversary because the leader of another party brought it forth. As expected, the Conservatives were obstinately against it.

The Conservative Party will never have the hearts of the nation because they are a bloodless lot who are always nursing a grievance or a slogan and constantly on the lookout for vengeance and some vile payback. They demonstrate through the decades that theirs is a withering party from whom nothing new issues and nothing good intentionally happens. They've boiled out the good in conservatism and left behind an enervating bitterness.

It will be up to ordinary Canadians to honour their flag on its 50th anniversary and its 100th and beyond, hopefully for the longest possible time.

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