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1st Hint - You might be in a Holographic Universe if ... by Louis Evan Palmer

are the first
clues pointing
to a mind-boogling

Various spiritual masters, especially of the Buddhist persuasion, have stated
words to the effect that what we think, perceive & feel is an illusion. That the world we live in is "maya".

This is usually interpreted as "it's like an illusion" or "it's real but not what we think" or "it's somewhat illusory".

But what if it is exactly as it's stated - an illusion from start to finish. Something that's been contrived by a vast array of entities including oneself.

One astounding version of this "maya" has come to us in the last half-century
from illusion-cutting-edge science and it's most often referred to as the "holographic universe" proposition.

In some guises, it involves itself with string theory or membrane theory (also called "branes") and with the multiverse theory and with Bohm's dissertations on Order - implicate, superimplicate and explicate.

One way to tackle this type of proposition is to take it as true and ask what clues might you expect to see that are revelatory.

1st Hint - entangled pairs... this is the experimental confirmation of the theoretical assertion that pairs of elementary particles that have become
"entangled" exhibit behaviour that indicates they have communicated instantaneously regardless of the distance separating them. In a holographic universe, this type of information would be available throughout its domain.

More to follow...

Copyright Louis Evan Palmer
1st Hint - You might be in a Holographic Universe if, Louis Evan Palmer, The Way It Can Be,


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