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Lower the Voting Age by Louis Evan Palmer

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At different points in time, even today in some cases, you couldn't (or can't) vote if you were not a land owner; if you were a slave; if you were coloured; if you were an Indian;
if you were a Woman; if you are/were a prisoner; if you weren't 25 or older; 21 or older; 18 or older. Etc. Etc.

Some of the voting restrictions strike modern citizens as being unbelieveable and yet, they each had their proponents who sallied forth with their fusty logic with the sterness and pomposity of olden day flat-earth advocates or the learned men of medieval times who elaborated on how the four elements interacted for a number of common phenomenon like a pile of logs burning.

One effort towards more equity in the voting process is a movement, varying in strength, in several countries like the USA and Canada, which is trying to get the voting age lowered to 16 years of age.

Reasons abound but a list put out by one of the groups listed the following top reasons for granting 16 year olds the right to vote.
  • Youth have adult responsibilities but not rights
  • Youth pay taxes and live under the law and therefore, should have the vote
  • Politicians will represent youth when youth can vote
  • Youth have a unique perspective
  • 16 is a better age to introduce voting than 18 as they're more stationary
  • Youth will vote well
  • Lowering the voting age will provide an intrinsic benefit to the lives of youth
  • There are no wrong votes
      This appears to be obvious and yet, lowering the voting age isn't on anyone's agenda. The only agenda for youth is aimed at trying them as adults in court, put them into strict supervision jails, enticing them to join the armed forces so they can be betrayed into fighting in illegal wars, etc. etc.

      Anyone who can speak and think sufficiently to understand the issues should be entitled to vote. The movement is talking 16 but really where is that line? 15? 12? It remains to be determined by people who aren't biased or afraid. However, 16 is an excellent first step.

      Having youth involved in voting will invigorate and elevate the voting process. Issues will have to be simplified and explained to their satisafaction. The obfuscation and lying and appeals to base emotions will be exposed and rejected by today's youth.

      If any persons, and it's not been apparent in any of the too few discussions on this issue to date, are afraid of subjecting youth to propaganda, they should know that they already subjected to it but with no recourse and no call to critical thought. Having the vote would give a powerful impetus towards that and could save our societies before the sociopaths in power put it out of reach for a very long time.

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