Saturday, July 15, 2006

Guiding Principles by Louis Evan Palmer


BE - You come into existence, you don't know how, you don't remember; you try to understand, you act (and inaction IS an action).

At certain points, you seek an explicit statement from yourself or from someone as to what it is exactly that guides you and informs your decisions. Of course, this has been going on the whole time but behind the scenes, under the horizon, unbeknowest to your conscious self - which seems to be the bulk of your "knowing" anyway.

KNOW - Principle One emerges as "Know" - "Know Thyself", "Know Life", "Know Everything". This encompasses going into how you came to be a "knowing" being in the first place. You hope to find the step-by-step progression in "knowing-ness" if it exists.

DO - Principle Two emerges as "Do Good" which includes not doing "not Good" and, in fact, will surely lead to actively avoiding evil, its enablers, its environs, and its precursors. "Know" is part of "Do Good" but precedes it because that knowledge or Wisdom is required to know that Good is a correct goal and what Good might be and what not-Good might be.

"Do Good" also includes thinking and constantly re-thinking in every possible way (including non-thinking thinking like some forms of meditation or mindfulness) about the constituents of Good, its precursors, its characteristics; explorations into what makes Good expand; what makes Good endure; what makes Good "good".

All this feeding into the idea that our consciousness is the small light that shines into a vast ocean of knowing and while we think we know only that illuminated section, we actually know more - if only we could remember and by remembering "know" even as we feel that the best knowing is that which does not remember and cannot be remembered but can be experienced.


Copyright Louis Evan Palmer
Guiding Principles, The Way It Can Be, Louis Evan Palmer,


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