Saturday, June 24, 2006

Canada at 100 by Louis Evan Palmer

at 100+ Million

An internal economy that could sustain itself has been pegged in the past at 100+ million. It may have edged up to 110 or 120 million persons but whatever it is it should be near-term target for Canada.

By near-term, I'm suggesting within 10 years. Eyes may be rolling at the prospect of bringing in 9 million people a year for the next 10 years but it can be done given the will and the focus.

Could Canada build 6 cities of 1.5 million persons in one year? Yes - an effort but it can be done.

Could Canada absorb 9 million persons into its culture and society? Yes - again, a bigger effort but given the right mix of immigrants: age, gender, skills & attitudes, it can also be done.

Most likely, such an effort would get diluted but there should be a conscious
acknowledgement that speed is a factor in protecting the Canadian Confederation.

As Canada's population increases, it will affect the power equation in the world and things being what they are, counter forces would come into play.

A national program of this magnitude would encourage innovation in terms of cost and speed of construction across the entire gamut of requirements from roads and pipes and wires to houses, transportation and services. It could open up numerous oportunities for Canadian companies.

It probably needs a catchy slogan so how about "10 for 10" as in, 10 million
persons a year for 10 years. Or "9 for 10" or whatever, but it must be rapid.

This would be a strategic step towards the preservation of the Confederation and its prosperity and peace.

Copyright Louis Evan Palmer
Canada at 100, The Way It Can Be, Louis Evan Palmer,


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