Wednesday, June 07, 2006

You by Louis Evan Palmer


Often the answer you give quickly is smarter and more revelatory than a more reasoned reply.

Is your voice you? Is the image and sound that is received by your eyes & ears & body you? Is your memory you? Is your body you? Your feelings? Your thoughts? Is your child you? Are your clothes or house or car you?

It's likely you answered "Yes" to at least one of these questions.

Is a tape recording of your voice you? Is a picture of your body you? Is what you write or type you? Is the music you compose or play you?

Is it only partly you? What part of it, what part of you? If part of it is not you, what or who is it?

Are your intentions and motivations you? If they change, is it you? Scientists report that subatomic particles are exchanged within an atom at a rate of millions per second. What if your thoughts, feelings, memories made, life processes and everything else were changing and exchanging at the same kind of rate? Would that be you?

How can you be something that you seem to have no knowledge of? How can there be an unconscious? Is there a soul? Is your soul you? What is your soul? Where is it? Is there a spirit? Is your spirit separate from your soul? Is there a spirit and a soul?

Are you you alone or are you mixed in with other You-s?

Who are you really? What is real?

Copyright Louis Evan Palmer
You, Louis Evan Palmer, The Way It Can Be,


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