Saturday, June 10, 2006

Sustenance by Louis Evan Palmer


Until fairly recently, it was posited that all life on Earth was sustained ultimately by the sun's heat & light. Only the Sun.

Then the mysterious heat vents in the Ocean were found to be teaming with life - but, a somewhat alien kind of life - one that was nourished by the heat and chemicals from the vent. No Sun.

Now there's even talk that perhaps the life at the vents preceded other life on Earth.

It seems that every time we look we seem to find more complexity and diversity - Life finding every possible means to manifest and express itself.

And, in that regard, it shouldn't surprise us later if we find creatures or entities that feed on energy including types of energy that we don't know about or that we don't recognize or measure as such. Or specific components of energy.

For example, strong emotions. Who can deny the feeling that strong emotions
have power and can be projected and resonate and can be amplified? That would seem to make them an ideal candidate for consumption.

To a more limited extent , we humans, feed on emotions right now, but we could find entities that only or primarily feed on human emotion, or perhaps, more generally, on mammalian emotions.

The implications of this one conjecture are huge. But, think of the myriad other sources of sustenance for properly endowed creatures.

Might it all be one vast eating gallery!?

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Sustenance, Louis Evan Palmer, The Way It Can Be,


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