Sunday, May 21, 2006

Where There's Smoke by Louis Evan Palmer

Crimes Cannot
Go Undetected

If someone ever sat down and tried to figure out the best ways to smuggle goods or the best way to hide illegal activities or... What's that? Right. Somone..., many someones, already have.

Some of the conclusions: The best hiding places are in the open; the best way to hide illegal activities is to corrupt and/or co-opt key officials.

For example, if you're aware of a lot of drug-dealing in a given neighbourhood, draw a circle around it and find the police detachments in that area. There are corrupt officers there. That's a guarantee.

If you're aware of large-scale movement of undeclared goods or people across a soverign border, again, you know that corrupt agencies, officials & groups are involved. There's no way around it.

Don't be surprised or shocked that Intelligence Agencies are the leaders in many of these illicit endeavours. Intelligence agencies are particularly well-suited to criminal enterprise; they have resources, training, technology, and the sanction of the state, and, they have the perfect cover - "National Security". (it means what you want it to mean)

Look around at all and sundry of these types of criminal and related activities, and realize that they cannot survive without the connivance or paid apathy of those sworn to defend against them.

The first step in retrieving what's left of our countries is de-corrupting, perhaps disbanding or re-organizing, the agencies and staff charged with protecting the people.

A "War on False Secrecy" must be waged in that effort as this facade is their cover and under this cover, they are stealing away our freedoms and our way of life. They can and do use the vast amounts of money and power they steal and otherwise appropriate to subdue, corrupt, counter, contest and enslave as much as they can.

To show how far things have gone - in most cases, we don't even know who we're up against.

Copyright Louis Evan Palmer 2006
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