Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Circularity - Arc One by Louis Evan Palmer

Equals Another
Equals Another
Equals One

As the great sage Nagarjuna is quoted as saying: "Things derive their being and nature by mutual dependence and are nothing in themselves."

Similarly, the same can be said about language. Language is a construct that is completely dependent on itself for its meaning. Thoughts which spring from words are themselves constructed of them; or so we think. Key ideas of the world like space and time are built on an edifice of words.

Space is defined in terms of time or matter. Time is defined by the movement of matter or by how much distance you travel in space for a given set of movements of matter.

It's more than duality. It's a vast, whirling juggling of every kind of thing we deem important. And, as long as they're in motion, they appear whole and connected. But, they're not. They're in relation - as we ourselves are; as Plotinus said, we are "Souls in Relation".

One is the word for the number after Zero and before Two. Cold is the absence of Heat. Heat is energy. Energy is excited atoms. Atoms are mostly space or a probability space. You are mostly space. Space is extent of ... space, direction.

Happy is feeling good. Good is feeling satisfied or sated. Feeling satisfied is feeling good. Feeling good is being happy.

At some point in the circle of words and meanings, there is a jump to understanding. Who makes the jump? Where is the jump from? Where is the jump to?

Copyright Louis Evan Palmer 2006
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