Saturday, May 13, 2006

Inner Earth by Louis Evan Palmer


Humans and other land-dwelling creatures live on the dry part of the Earth's surface. There is, however, a considerable amount of space underground where indeterminate numbers of humans or human-like creatures could live.

These natural and excavated underground living spaces do have benefits: less harmful inbound radiation, less impact from weather and other natural cataclysms, less chance of being attacked, and conversely, easier to defend.

It is easy to see land-dwelling creatures going underground at various times for protection and staying at length in the real bosom of the Earth. It requires no stretch of the imagination, or any other non-corporeal capabilities, to see certain numbers of these creatures staying in their underground homes when others returned to the surface.

Or, from another perspective, if we had off-world visitors, they would likely want to stay out of sight. Again, they would likely seek out-of-way areas including underground.

The question is what proof is available, where, when, and the like; also, who might already be in contact with them?

Sources of information - gravity mapping scans, geological surveys especially seismic studies, ground-penetrating emission scans, creditable eye-witness reports.

Find one, find them all.

If ten thousand people show up at a deep underground base and demand entry, it will happen.

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