Saturday, May 20, 2006

Unlearning by Louis Evan Palmer

Easier to
Than To
Change It

Learning is a magical event comprised of a nesting set of related magical events. Perceiving, remembering, experiencing, understanding, communicating. Then calling it forth again and again with pleasure or pain or pressure or at leisure.

This experience and all that it entails forming grooves as it were, ruts & wrinkles, indentations large and small. And these are the myriad routes we follow as we meander or course through what we perceive are our lives and our worlds.

No wonder it's difficult to change things. How do you get above the landscape of your own mind and culture? How do you pull yourself up by your bootstraps?

There are arguments that a calm steady erosion of the old misconceptions can be effective - given time and patience and a toleration of the present circumstance. Others make statements like Godel that you must completely leave one "system" to be able to define & understand it. Godel did that via logic, via the mind, and it appears that it is the only way it can be accomplished.

Is unlearning merely new learning over old or is it a new mould with a new view? How does one know that unlearning is necessary?

One thing we know - unlearning is more difficult than learning, and given its usual context, it has a tremendous impact for the better if one can accept the changes it brings with it.

Copyright Louis Evan Palmer 2006
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