Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Quantum Quandry by Louis Evan Palmer


There's been an air of unreality hanging over physics for more than a hundred years. And, while it's begun to penetrate the obtuse world of the lumpen proletariat, it's still considered 'out there' even as the proofs mount into a veritable Everest of facts.

Some argue that it's only a theory, even now, after all the elapsed time and despite how well it explains or describes various phenomena. It shows up in science fiction. It shows up in news articles. But, it doesn't show up in normal day-to-day life or conversation except around some university faculties.

Lately, the prognosticators of the pseudo-elite, have taken to lamenting that quantum theory, or quantum mechanics, has become a haven for assorted cranks and nouveau magicians. Regardless of the validity of these facile slights, at least these people are trying to absorb the enormity to which quantum physics is pointing. At least these people are trying to see into the True Nature of All That Is.

Hats off to Neils Bohr and Erwin Shroedinger!

We still don't know what we're looking at.

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