Saturday, June 16, 2007

When the Opposite Makes More Sense by Louis Evan Palmer

When headlines offer pronostications or couched opinions or supposedly unbiased evaluations, we have probably reached the point in the continuing deformation of society where its meaning in actuality is the opposite of what it purports.

Say a given headline reads "US searches for peace in the Middle East". In today's world, we come to realize that what it really says is "US searches for control in the Middle East". Perhaps not quite the opposite but in that direction. In other cases, like Iran for example, our headline would read "US seeks negoiated solution to Iran problem" but the real headline as played out in Pentagon war-gaming rooms is "US plans for war against Iran".

More headlines true and false, which do you believe:

"Britain to leave Iraq" or "Britain to hide continued operations in Iraq".
"Syria implicated in Hariri assassination" or "False Flag operation seeks to implicate Syria in Hariri assassination".

"New US federal plan hopes to educate every child" or "New US federal plan hopes to brainwash every child".

Real education is extremely dangerous and should be done away with via menial mind-numbing jobs for human rats-in-a-maze living hand-to-mouth or only given to carefully selected individuals who are to serve as future wardens, guards and slave-catchers.

The half-truth headline reads "US Government admits to 'losing' 2 or 3 Trillion dollars" - then we can reliably assume it's much worse and should read" "US Government is vast web of corruption - tens of trillions stolen and absconded with annually".

Or, "CIA, CSIS & MI6 protect their countries by spying on foreigners" when the it should really read: "CIA, CSIS & MI6 control their countries by spying on their own citizens". They may catch a few unintended foreigners here and there but the main catch is those who might intefere with their agenda.

It can go on and on. Try it, take any Headline that offers a prediction, an evaluation, an alleged statement of fact, or an opinion presented as a fact and turn it around. You'll likely be closer to the Truth than you imagined.

When the Opposite Makes More Sense, The Way It Can Be, Louis Evan Palmer,
Copyright 2007 Louis Evan Palmer lives in Ontario Canada. His short stories have been published in numerous publications.


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