Friday, June 15, 2007

The Crafty Conference Board of Canada by Louis Evan Palmer

Anne Golden, CEO of The Conference Board of Canada, or CBoC, has managed to get her group's latest "study" quoted in all the Canadian mass media again. This time it's about Canadian mediocrity. The details are almost irrelevant because CBoC seems to only serve as a mouthpiece for the wealthy and everything it publishes is towards that end.

Somehow CBoC has placed the United States fourth in their rating tucked in between socialist countries like Sweden and Germany. In fact, the seventeen nations listed are all socialist except for the US.

Since CBoC is usually a propaganda arm for the US and its stealth takeover of Canada, let's focus on their fourth place showing but from a public relations pespective. CBoC couldn't have put the USA higher than fourth because that would have been a place, show or win position and it would have been unbelievable. The highest CBoC could have placed the US without undue negative comment is where they did - fourth.

Wealth creation through innovation & invention is as often an article of faith as it is a proveable fact. That reckoning rarely accounts for the impoverishment of others or the environment. It doesn't talk about the use of war-based industries and war itself to create "wealth" or "excellence" for the few or its morality.

It doesn't mention that many of the statistics used to measure prosperity disguise the huge, unjustified and unsustainable disparities in income and possessions among the population. Or, the massive theft and espionage that is employed constantly to steal new technology or to seal the "deals" that help entrench it. The hidden and not-so hidden subsidies that pour out of what's left of middle class America into corporations and the pirate CEOs and crew that are running them into the ground while rifling through their cash.

Let's protest & stand on guard against the use of right-wing studies and quotes in the mass media unless counter-balanced by left-wing quotes and studies and replies. It really is impossible to get away from these labels in the current political climate.

The Crafty Conference Board of Canada, The Way It Can Be, Louis Evan Palmer,
Copyright 2007 Louis Evan Palmer lives in Ontario Canada. His short stories have been published in numerous publications.


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