Sunday, June 24, 2007

Initiation of the "People Know" Campaign by Louis Evan Palmer

There are any number of crimes being committed as we speak and for every one of them, "People Know". We need people to go public about them. There are some programs like Crime Stoppers which are effective in their limited ways but they are not enough to get at the hidden rot in our society.

The "People Know" campaign will. It is aimed at bigger crimes - crimes which wrap themselves in conspiracies and violence and fear. It's important to remember that even for these bigger, more organized crimes, "People Know".

For example, human trafficking is going on world-wide. We think of it as only in third-world countries but, in fact, it's going on in every country and "People Know". We need a forum in which these people can speak up.

Bribery and corruption are massive problems and issues. Again, "People Know". If people can be given the venue in which to make revelations, some format, these crimes against humanity & society can be exposed, contained and eventually greatly reduced.

The venue of choice is the internet and wireless. The recommendation is to use anonymous ids or pseudonyms. Post to forums and blogs. Use "People Know" as a tag to identify the message purpose and that it's part of the "People Know" Campaign against Lies and Injustice. Do not post data that could identify you as the source but do include data that can be used to identify the perpetrators and collaborators - things like licence plate numbers. Do not post data that breaks any laws.

Areas that merit special attention as crime hubs are transportation and communications centers such as harbours or airports.

The word "crime" is a wide-ranging term. It can refer to any person or group. No-one has, or should have in a free society, a legal exemption to commit crimes - especially crimes against the person. Therefore, anyone engaging in that type of criminal activity should be exposed and brought to justice along with all planners, logisticians, financiers and other team members.

Not to be forgotten, disreputable activity that is done right out in the open. Check your politician's voting record. See if there's a pattern of support or opposition and if it's related to conflicts of interest of which you're aware. Some of the malfeasance you'll know about will be the result of research and deduction. That is also part of the "People Know" Campaign.

Initiation of the "People Know" Campaign, The Way It Can Be, Louis Evan Palmer,
Copyright 2007 Evan Palmer lives in Ontario Canada. His short stories have been published in numerous publications.


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