Monday, October 14, 2013

Parliamentary System better than Presidential by Louis Evan Palmer

One of the frequent observations during the Watergate scandal was that if the United States had been a parliamentary democracy, the whole thing would have been resolved quickly via losing a vote of confidence followed by an election.

The same observation holds true now during the current American budget-related crisis (which is
more of a manufactured crisis than a real one). If the U.S. was a parliamentary democracy, it would
not have even been an issue as the party in power decides what the budget is and has primacy
in setting out economic policy. This unnecessary bargaining between the so-called executive and legislative functions would be done away with.

The set dates that have come with a presidential system also contribute to the dysfunction.
It devolves into constant fund-raising and it sets up the potential targets for any and all adversaries.
In effect, you know what your "target" will doing during the set terms. The North Vietnamese geared many of their ultimately successful efforts around presidential elections.

There are clearly Pros and Cons for both systems but the flaws of the presidential system are
deeper and more dangerous. They may, in fact, drag the whole world into an abyss.

Parliamentary System better than Presidential, Louis Evan Palmer, The Way It Can Be
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