Sunday, October 06, 2013

Econo Man by Louis Evan Palmer

It's a construct of the age of capital - a person devoid of characteristics unrelated to the production of goods and services. People as units of work, cogs in a mechanical process, numbers in a formula. It has existed through history whenever there was a monumental project, but not in theory, only in practice for a special project; typically, a type of public building or conveyance.

However, as these things are wont, it had mutated into a theoretical construct where feelings of  responsibility on the part of the owner are circumscribed by the tight bounds of the work itself. Nothing
beyond. Nothing substantive or heartfelt about communities, families or the future. Dribs and drabs of public relations, a list of varying lengths of checkboxes.

We now labour in the shadow of the "corporate person" as manifest by the pirate-like figures who
populate the executive suites. "Econo Man" struts or drudges his short time here and there, trying to stay afloat on the managerial trends that surge in and out. The real persons are lashed and prodded
by debt and its surrogates while the "corporate person" wiggles out of the normal obligations incumbent on a regular person. Enjoying the benefits, escaping the costs of accountability if big enough.

Since "econo man" is essentially the middle class, to preserve and improve society, we must protect and
encourage the middle class. This means less "bigness" - especially in governments, corporations and unions.
The Way It Can Be, Louis Evan Palmer, Econo Man
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