Saturday, December 10, 2011

St Augustine's God & The Problem of Evil by Louis Evan Palmer

There is a simultaneity about everything that is both mystifying and satisfying. Matter is Energy. Energy is Matter. Matter & Energy exist as both particles and waves. God exists both in Time and outside of Time.

Augustine of Hippo devoted a great deal of effort to the problem of evil and at the risk of over-simplifying, his argument can be summarized as "All's Well That Ends Well"; that God, being outside of time, can see all of it at once and can see and know that today's evil is righted by tomorrow's good; that a future joy and contentment can atone for the present suffering and anxiety - more, that it was necessary, that one could not have followed without the other.

Can evil be viewed as the fire in the forge? That the sword of our life depends on evil for its edge and its purpose? One of our problems is that it's difficult for us to tell the difference between normal adversity and abnormal evil or that when we find ourselves in times where evil is normal, it's a directed evil armoured in self-defense and called survival.

St Augustine's God and The Problem of Evil, Louis Evan Palmer, The Way It Can Be,

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