Sunday, December 11, 2011

RIM executives drugged? War on RIM continues by Louis Evan Palmer

It's the excess of it that triggers suspicion.

Like the 911 attacks, 3 buildings in New York not one or even two but three including one that wasn't even hit. And then another one in Washington. And then another plane downed in Pennsylvania. It's the excess of someone catering to an audience whose attention is very difficult to get and maintain.

This RIM stuff is much smaller in scale in terms of violence but it is the same mindset that veers to excess. It has the potential of affecting tens of thousands of people and billions of dollars worth of assets and patents and destroying a competitor and buying its assets at firesale prices. Like Nortel.

The latest RIM story is that two executives went beserk on an Air Canada flight, attacking crew members, being restrained, gnawing through their restraints and forcing the pilot to divert and land at Vancouver.

How incredibly coincidental that both men would go beserk, both had to be restrained, both gnawed through their restraints. It's the "amplify effect" where it was a concern that only one RIM executive being drunk on a plane wouldn't get enough coverage so we need at least two; and, just being drunk was not enough, they had to be raging psychos; and, the plane HAD to be diverted and the unruly dangerous passengers arrested to ensure worldwide front-page coverage and more bad publicity for RIM.

Here's another take. RIM is in the cross-hairs of amoral ravenous predators who want it out of the picture, want its key assets for a pittance and want to make scads of easy money to boot. So, we want lots of distractions and both heavy blows and the death of a thousand cuts. You drop a drug into those RIM execs drinks or food that increases violent behavior. The requirement is for a drug whose effects are intensified by alcohol. Perhaps a dose of testoterone or an anti-depressant like rohypnol or methamphetamine. Something guaranteed to make the ingestor extremely violent when combined with alcohol. That they would have some alcohol on such a long flight was a certainty. And, viola, another bad news story for RIM, another shot in this specific economic war, making money along the way until the big prize falls out of the sky a la Nortel. Also, check for trading anomalies on RIM stocks for those days.

It's too late for forewarning but not too late for the strongest possible defense (which includes an offense).

RIM executives drugged? War on RIM continues, Louis Evan Palmer, The Way It Can Be,

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