Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nortel all over again! Economic Warfare now directed at RIM by Louis Evan Palmer

Objectivity and independence are incidental bystanders in this war while deliberate campaigns of espionage, propaganda and financial maneuvering are the constant companions. Canada had better wake up to the fact that warfare, especially economic, is being waged against it and its companies.

There is no way that what happened to Nortel was natural just as there's no way that what's happening to RIM is natural. RIM was sued by an American filing cabinet company known as NTP. This tied RIM up in expensive litigation for years and resulted in an assessment of $450 million dollars in damages. This was pure out-and-out piracy and economic harassment. Then Dolby decided to try it as well. These were patent infringement suits. A so-called investors suit went public in May of this year, Who started it? Who really started it?

Anyone who has a smidgen of awareness of how intelligence agencies work will recognize the mark of the economic hit men. The CIA, NSA and other of the Amercian alphabet agencies spy full-time on their economic competitors. So do the British, French, Russian, Chinese, Israeli and others.

These operations run the gamut from simple data collection all the way to murder and huge market manipulation. CSIS should be used to investigate these type of economic actions against Canadian companies. And the results should be published and malefactors punished if possible!

For example, who are the owners and managers of NTP? What is their relationship to other high-tech communications companies, the US government, or American agencies? What about the alleged impartial analysts who are perpetually disappointed in such-and-such economic numbers? Who plays the journalists and business writers to start campaigns against this company or that. You can make money when the stock goes up and when it goes down. You can orchestrate a campaign to drive the stock price down so you can steal the company later. And its patents, its technology and staff. Or just cannibalize it and run.

RIM's numbers this quarter were good. RIM's year over year numbers could be better but then again, the whole sector is down. RIM is moving from a growth company to a legacy company. Analysts know this but are joining the feeding frenzy initiated by the few. Who's analysing which business writers are leading the charge against key companies every now and then. The ones the CIA boasted about having on every major newspaper and media outlet. Some of them are part of the ongoing economic war that's devouring entire sectors and countries. There's nothing free about the markets at the macro scale. It's out-and-out war on every front.

Where's our investigative journalists and our intelligence service? Identify and root out these attackers. Or, let the nation be picked apart for the benefit of the few and the foreign. In the meantime, hands off RIM!

Nortel all over again! Economic Warfare now directed at RIM, Louis Evan Palmer, The Way It Can Be, http:/

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Copyright 2011 Louis Evan Palmer lives in Ontario Canada. His short stories have appeared in numerous publications.


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