Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Coming Radicalism by Louis Evan Palmer

The coming radicalism will issue from the approximately half-billion baby boomers globally but especially from those in the so-called advanced world - Western Europe, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The counter-culture will re-emerge and a new disengagement philosophy will take hold based on an eco self-realization approach and new and emerging technologies that will support a vast decentralization and "groupization" - the creation, destruction, and modification of groupings for specific or broad purposes - which will start to replace parlimentary democracy with direct democracy and the allegedly free markets with truly voluntary currency and economic and exchange systems.

Although police and intelligence agencies like to define radicalism as associated with violence, it is not necessarily so, and in the early phases, definitely not. In addition, the progression, if there is one, varies among peoples, subgroups and cultures. In most instances, there is no progression.

The coming radicalism in the "First World" countries will feature a sustained drive for getting "more for less", being content with less and the formation of technology-enabled groupings based on compatible goals and approaches.

One of the key points of conflict is in the differing tangents from the status quo to a radical state or violence. If the forces of the status quo progress more quickly to violence versus the counterculture forces, then avoidable unjustifiable state violence will occur. All violence will serve to radicalize the parties involved. For some groups, this is the objective. For others, avoiding this is the objective. Of course, objectives can change over time.

The coming radicalism will studiously avoid violent confrontation and seek revolutionary change via technology-enablers and through the conscious acquisition and control of the required assets like internet networks and delivery companies.

Violence against property, which does not in turn endanger people, should not trigger a violent response. But, often, especially when other agendas are in play, they do engender violent responses from the police or other state forces. When violence against property occurs that does not, or cannot, harm people or living creatures, the state response must be non-violent. If it is not, it points to other objectives and agendas.

The coming radicalism will see massive and successful campaigns against corporations that oppose or impede the new emerging boomer world. GMOs and Nuclear Power stand prominently in the sights of the coming radicalism. Sophisticated non-violent techniques will develop to re-shape the economy and the media and the means of production.

It is beginning and my prediction is that it will be in full-view by 2020.

The Coming Radicalism, Louis Evan Palmer, The Way It Can Be,

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Copyright 2011 Louis Evan Palmer lives in Ontario Canada. His short stories have appeared in numerous publications.

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