Saturday, August 07, 2010

How to Tell if He'll Stay by Louis Evan Palmer

Here's another article providing an insider's (man's) view of how to tell if he'll stay.

The key observation is that while you (the woman) may figure a lot in the initial stage as in “he's into you”, you don't play that big a role in whether he'll stay. That depends on him – on his character, his upbringing and world view. Incessantly chattering and whining doesn't help things but it's not the real reason for him leaving.

A man who sticks with you is a man who sticks to most things. He demonstrates loyalty to people and things who merit them and he will stay loyal to them through the tough stretches which is how a relationship lasts.

Men who appreciate “old” things will stick with you. Old buildings, old furniture, old cars and trucks and old lovers (you).

You want a Man who will appreciate the things that are done for him and his, and the things that are given to him especially priceless things like children and support and love and admiration. If you give him that, a thankful man will never leave.

A man who loves beauty is more likely to stay. You may think he's more likely to stray but beauty is magnified through knowledge and sharing, so the more he knows you, the more beautiful you become.

A man who has a sense of humour is more likely to stay because you've got to laugh somehow (some black humour is okay) at some things or you won't get through them.

A man who is persistent is more likely to stay because long relationships require persistence. He should like mysteries and puzzles and seeing how it turns out.

A man with a strong philosophy, spirituality or religion will stay with you because you're not everything to him and he has a positive context into which you and he fit.

A man who is an achiever will stay with you because he views a successful marriage or relationship as an achievement.

Finally, you want to find a man who genuinely likes women even though he may complain about them or make jokes at their expense.

Good luck!

How to Tell if He'll Stay, Louis Evan Palmer, The Way It Can Be,
Copyright 2010 Louis Evan Palmer lives in Ontario Canada. His short stories have appeared in numerous publications.


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