Sunday, August 15, 2010

OAKLANE WOODS by Louis Evan Palmer

Louis Evan Palmer talks about his new novel: 'Oaklane Woods' is a novel of ideas, love and spirits that emerged from a powerful image of a young girl, alone, sitting on an immense dark rock deep in a mysterious urban park. In appearance, she was not unlike the Little Mermaid of Copenhagen harbour but transported to a North American setting - the fictional Ontario city of Middleton. Another vital difference, and this impelled me to write the story, my imagined little girl was a spirit – specifically, the sad, confused and angry spirit of an abortion.”
Comments from reviewers of (first three chapters of) “Oaklane Woods”
Five brilliant stars. Truly excellent storytelling. I take my Tam o' Shanter off to you. Bravo!”
I love your premise SO much. Kudos for taking on such a controversial subject. Your writing drew me in right from the start. You paint fantastic images with words..”
..Your story really does intrigue me. This is very well written, it flows along and has a poetic feel to it. Your descriptions are particularly good I feel, they made me feel as if I was there..”
You have a wonderful gift in playing with words and drawing the use of the English language in the most lyrical way – your command in vocabulary is obvious and your attention to detail is stupendous..”
An eloquent, thought provoking story with fascinating characters. Wonderful imagery. Sparkling dialogue. Intense, evocative narrative.”
Your story struck me like a bolt of lightning. Brilliant, and lost for the right words to do justice to your masterpiece..”
This is excellent writing, lyrical, descriptive and the sort I like to read best. You've taken a subject which normally separates people along political lines and made it human again. It's what the best writing does.”
This is beautifully written with lovely passive, almost poetic, prose..”
What a lovely story! This is gorgeous writing and a great idea. Very bittersweet..”
You have a beautiful, easy going way about your writing. Your descriptions are vivid and capture the mind of the reader. Very nice story.”
Very strange... it's like reading poetry and watching an Almodovar movie. It definitely has a strong European flavour to it even though it doesn't set foot there. Maybe it's the languid dreamlike pace..”
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Copyright 2010 Louis Evan Palmer lives in Ontario Canada. His short stories have appeared in numerous publications.

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