Monday, September 04, 2006

Philosopher Laureate by Louis Evan Palmer

Putting those
To Work

Although this implies that that Philosophy Bachelors, Masters and Doctorates are short on work, that is likely a mistatement because the rigour that a Philosophy grad brings to bear on problems and areas requiring analysis is needed almost everywhere. And this is the main thrust of this article - we desperately need the skills and knowledge of a mature Philosopher in our government.

To this end, and similar to the position of Poet Laureate, the proposition is to create a position of Philosopher Laureate. The position should be awarded by an independent body and be either a longer fixed term like 10 years or for life or until retirement. It would likely go to a university professor.

The position should have its own guaranteed funding and authority to request information as required. The office - the Laureate & staff - would issue documents that outlined the philosophy of the country, its means of governance, their reasons & purposes, and the objectives and measuring criteria for its various programs.

In a manner similar to the judicial branch, the Philosopher Laureate's Office, could pass judgement on new bills as to their reasonableness and likely efficacy. Emotions and faulty logic like those that have recently allowed so-called anti-terrorist legislation to pass in most of the purported advanced world would get caught by the Philosopher Laureate's Office and exposed.

An Office of this type would also highlight deficiencies and injustices. The consistency of programs and initiatives would come under expert scrutiny in a methodical fashion not just here and there as political demands dictate.

A Philsopher Laureate could stand as a bulwark for democracy and bring all of society up regarding its terms of reference, its logic and the whole demeanour of its government, law and regulation.

Philosopher Laureate, Louis Evan Palmer, The Way It Can Be,

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