Thursday, September 21, 2006

No Guns in Cities by Louis Evan Palmer






Gun-Free Zones

Canadian cities, all cities, should be free of guns, all guns. Meaning all persons including police and army personnel - other effective means of control are available for them. The demarcation lines for these gun-free zones should generally match the city limits. The sign stating the name of the city, its population, will just add the words “This is a gun-free zone”. No guns means no guns – no short guns, long guns, concealed guns, non-concealed guns, single-shot guns, automatic guns, semi-automatic guns, etc. etc. – none!

The various reasons proffered for the necessity of bearing arms are not convincing. Self-defence is one of the mainstays. The main threat in this scenario is that someone else is threatening you – bear-spray or mace would be very effective in that circumstance and would not endanger others or yourself. In a surprising number of situations, the gun is wrested from the owner and used on them – even police. A loud screeching alarm is also effective. To the extent possible, avoiding dangerous places or situations is a huge factor. Having a dog with you. Having one or more friends with you. Having all your senses – that is, not being impaired.

Arguments made in favour of bearing guns that center on the deterrent effect this has on would-be dictators are also not convincing. Huge sweeps of existing weapons would be conducted. Weapons would have to be hidden away after the fact of a coup, not before. A lot of the weapons acquired by insurgencies are stolen from the occupation forces or smuggled in from abroad – unless they are stashed secretly in anticipation of a defeat or occupation. Not the same animal at all compared to everyday life in a large modern city.

Police don't need guns. They have many alternatives and more research and experimentation can expand the non-lethal arsenal quickly and effectively. There should not be an argument for having guns outside of army bases if they are inside city limits; better yet, move the army bases outside city limits. In any case, an army base should not be considered part of the city proper as access to it is restricted.

Guns clubs, shooting ranges and the like should likewise relocate outside city limits. Privately owned guns must be stored there. Collectors have to dismantle, and lock away, key working components of their guns to keep them within city limits and this should be limited to older, vintage-type weapons. It's safe to say that a peaceful modern society should not be allowing citizens to keep powerful new weapons as collectibles in their home or within city limits.

Let's make this a step towards a more peaceful society and mindset – no guns in cities, period!

No Guns in Cities, Louis Evan Paler, The Way It Can Be,
Copyright Louis Evan Palmer 

He lives in Ontario Canada. His short stories have been published in numerous publications. 


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