Saturday, August 19, 2006

Debit, Credit, Karma by Louis Evan Palmer

Debt &

What if this existence is something that we entered at some far distant point in the past and it has proved to be so entrancing, engaging & electrifying that we can't seem to get out. In fact, we can't remember entering because part of the process submerges our past memories deep enough that most people can't consciously sense them.

This scenario triggers many other dependencies like the primacy of mind; if mind is the base of this existence then matter and everything else is a product of mind and, even further, it is mind or consciousness.

And whatever exists must emerge out of something, be of something, be sustained by something. This "something" being referred to by various sages as "the Void" or "the Great Beyond" or "God" or "Allah"...

What would be the nature of this ultimate source? Perhaps, a good way to think of it is as a wellspring of potential, where nothing exists and everything exists, where the difference between one apparent aspect of consciousness is indistinguishable from another aspect.

This aspect, our universe and ourselves, being the expression of a potential. Then the question becomes, how is a potential actualized? Is it intent and motivation? Why does a sentient being have intent or motivation? Perhaps, this is the descent mentioned in myth and culture, the original sin?

If we originate from the ultimate source, the great beyond, and we, and everything else, are actually part of god, and, in fact, are god, then, how did we end up here?

Is there really anything for us to learn as offered by the "we're here to learn" school? Is there really anything for us to become or to be as offered by the "we're here to advance" school?


We're here because we and others wanted to be here. Our free will allowed us to enter this existence and it keeps us here because we've allowed ourselves to get immersed in the debit and credit cycle of this universe.

Part of the "rules" of this existence is that you have to "pay" your debts - you can walk away from your "credits" - but if you're hooked on the game and can't see that's it's a game then you'll never walk away. Heaven & Hell are temporary - one is cashing in your chips after a big win, the other is debtor's prison where the payment is your suffering. Either way, you're in deeper.

Meeting others on the other side - more of the game. Everything you can see and feel and think is part of the game. As the sages advise, it is the Great Beyond to which we should strive.

It's amusing that we strive for something we have. Maybe that's why the seekers who experience the breakthrough into the Great Beyond frequently let out the most enormous of laughs.

Debit, Credit, Karma, Louis Evan Palmer, The Way It Can Be,
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