Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Trump as a modern Huey Long   


While they are many differences between Donald Trump and Huey Long, the key similarities are that they are/were both populists and they are/were both loathed by the power brokers. They led more of a movement than a political faction and they both generated huge rallies. They both are running/ran for US president.

Huey Long spent a lot of time as a politician and civil servant. He became a master at making the system work for the everyman. He was open-minded and a common sense person. He was a more radical populist than Donald Trump. See the following link for background on Huey –

Donald Trump is known mostly as a business man and most recently, as a political candidate. Donald Trump would do well to study and emulate the main things that Huey Long stood for and his political techniques. Unfortunately, Huey died young. The power elites that Huey antagonized and who did their utmost to roil the people against him surely contributed to his early demise from an assassin’s bullet.

Donald Trump can use the aspects of Huey’s campaigns best suited to his own. Against great odds, Huey did well. Donald Trump can do the same. At a core message level, Donald and Huey are similar people.

The Way It Can Be, Louis Evan Palmer, Trump as a new Huey Long,
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