Sunday, April 13, 2014

Where's Waldo's Self by Louis Evan Palmer

That search is very much like opening nesting dolls, wandering in houses of mirrors & trying to keep track of endless ripples in an unknown ocean.

If we agree, we can say that "I-ness" or "Being-ness" reflects a dance or conversation. It's an epiphenomenon. Maybe.

But we discover that our brain decides things for us unconsciously up to ten seconds before we are aware of it. Part of the dance. Offered up to our conscious self.

In one theory, it's the hemispheres of our brain that talk to one another and create awareness.

Yet, "who" is aware of the "conversation". Or, is "awareness" or "what" itself an illusion and what we are witnessing memory. What is memory then? "Who" remembers and who is aware of it?

No matter where you stop in the search for "Being-ness" there's always one more remove that is the "who" it is that's "aware". Either "awareness" itself is illusory and not really there or there is no "being-ness", or more precisely, no personal being-ness.

Perhaps it's a viewpoint within a universal consciousness and what appears to be a personal awareness is the "view" from a particular location, person, time. Everywhere and nowhere.

Where's Waldo's Self, The Way It Can Be, Louis Evan Palmer
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