Sunday, January 08, 2012

Year Zero - Starting Over - The Way out of Economic Collapse by Louis Evan Palmer

This may seem naive or ignorant but it seems to be clear that an almost complete government intervention would be needed if a full-scale economic collapse occurs. Do governments have plans in place? And not just plans to control, incarcerate and pacify the general population. Plans to help people and right the economy.

Plans that control all financial and related transactions and seal all borders - physical and electronic. Plans that freeze all current financial obligations and do not permit closures, seizures or foreclosures by anyone except the federal government.

The next step is to issue a new currency. All assets will have to converted into the new currency, They would be tabulated and scrutinized as to propriety and legality. The new currency would be based on the size of the economy, number of consumers, and other relevant factors.

All financial institutions would come under supervision and, potentially, governement control to ensure that accounts are kept open and that credit is available. The government would also break up private and corporate holdings that constitute an undue concentration of power.

A quick, easy and effective means of representation is needed and can take its cue from ancient Greece, the birthplace of democracy: that is, selection via lottery, one or two year terms. Leaders can be elected by the parliament by consensus as they do in the North West Territories. The current representatives are not part of the solution.

We need a plan and we need to see it and debate it.

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