Saturday, October 15, 2011

OCCUPY - This is only the beginning! by Louis Evan Palmer

Pendulums swing and injustice occurs at each extreme of those swings. The OCCUPY crescendo that is building around the world is the result of everything evil that's happened and is still in the world over the last few decades. The evil deeds and the cover ups; the lies and the deliberate obfuscation; the thefts and killings and wars. People have been getting sicker of it every year and now the vast financial boondoggles in the guise of unrelenting crises has set it afire. People are burning with indignation and rage. We are facing a society and world where the practice and furtherance of fundamental liberties and freedoms is under threat when anything substantial is involved - anything beyond fluff and celebrity gossip or the party line. People don't want change, they want justice in all spheres and regions. Where justice is doing the right thing: Social justice. Financial & Fiscal justice. Criminal & Corporate justice. Environmental justice.

People are sick of it all: sick of the misguided prohibition-like war on drugs (especially where it's clear governments are involved and profiting); sick of illegitimate wars around the world by all sides; sick of government assassinations, torturing and show trials; sick of the bought-and-sold mass media that trumpets this and then that propaganda to further corporatist and government goals of enormous profits for the few; sick of stealing from the poor to give to the rich; sick of the wars on dissent.

The vile frankenstein fascist-lite capitalism we have now serves only its government and corporate masters and their lackeys. It was never free or open. It is only now when a few more larcenous greedsters were trying to crash the 1%'s gluttonous party that it finally and irrevocably woke up the 99% to the ongoing theft. But the malaise was already there and it was deep and widespread. It will not be a flash in the pan; this is only the beginning; expect us.

OCCUPY - This is only the beginning!, Louis Evan Palmer, The Way It Can Be,

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