Sunday, April 12, 2009

ARA (2) - Guiding Principles by Louis Evan Palmer

ARA is the refuge, the new utopia. It may still be in the design phase. It may be on the water or under the water or under the earth or in the middle of a desert or arctic tundra. There may be more than one refuge - this one is called ARA.

In ARA, people avoid generalizations - especially about other people. They still study culture and sociology but they do not allow themselves to slip into easy prejudgments about any single person. Every person and thing is unique.

There are no broad rules or religions in ARA. There are principles and guidelines. Action will be taken against persons who are harming or injuring other people or property but it will be defensive only and measured and fair and just.

ARA embraces harmony and beneficial action. It encourages living with an open heart and generosity. ARA believes and follows Hippocrates' first directive - "Do no harm." And it applies to everything. (This also covers financial transactions)

ARA tries to balance its society and actions between a maximizing of good and potential for the most people while maximizing personal freedom. There is no collective in ARA. There are groups and communities but they are voluntary and flexible. There is no forced membership.

In ARA, defense is one of the foundations of its foreign relations. It maintains no strictly offensive weapons or systems. It specializes in non-lethal defense which would include every kind of non-military means and ways. It does allow for defensive systems or weapons that will persist or pollute.

ARA does not allow for the death penalty but it does allow for life imprisonment and exile.

You may think or say that ARA is an impossibility. That maximizing freedom inevitably leads to imbalance and every kind of strife. It could but not in ARA. It is a place where the only Rule is that there are no Rules. Every thing is faced as if for the first time. It would need adjudicators. It would need a council of the wise. It would need methodologies and techniques. But it is possible.

It may even exist now.. somewhere.

ARA (2) - Guiding Principles, The Way It Can Be, Louis Evan Palmer,
Copyright 2009 Louis Evan Palmer lives in Ontario Canada. His short stories have appeared in numerous publications.


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