Saturday, September 22, 2007

Move UN Headquarters to Auckland, New Zealand by Louis Evan Palmer

The headquarters for a world governance body should not reside in the territory of the hegemon of the day or in the cities of any of the major powers. It compromises its independence and, over time, impairs its functioning.

It should reside in a country and city that can accomodate a key global organization, that is sufficiently advanced culturally and technologically, and that is not aligned in a significantly binding way in any alliance. It should also move physically closer to the majority of the world's population in Asia. Such a country exists in New Zealand, with the suitable city being Auckland.

The United States, through a variety of spokespersons, has stated on numerous occasions that it does not support the United Nations, that it would like to see the UN Headquarters move out of New York City, and the like. It is a country that has embarked on many wars of self-interest and has demonstrated an increased belligerence and lawlessness in its actions. Its main interest in any world bodies is in using them to further its own narrow self-enriching aims.

A move could serve as an impetus for other needed changes like adding India to the permanent security council. Perhaps adding the European Union as a single member and dropping the United Kingdom and France. It can also be used to strongly move against illegal spying and eavesdropping. A country like New Zealand will be less susceptible to blackmail and behind the scenes deal-making which should make the operation of the UN headquarters more transparent and less corrupt.

Let's settle on a date. How about January 1st, 2012 as the inauguration of the new UN Headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand? Start sending your letters and petitions now to make it happen.

Move UN Headquarters to Auckland, New Zealand, Louis Evan Palmer, The Way It Can Be,

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