Tuesday, March 13, 2007

How To Make a Universe by Louis Evan Palmer

It's completely undefined and open. There is no thing. No time. No space. No existence. What is your starting point? Only the original being exists. The original will. The original intention which can manifest itself as you desire and purposefully think it.

You, as a co-creator, want to make a glorious creation. You want "creatures" in it. They will not only be "of" the original being but they will "be" the original being because everything anyone creates is made from and continues to be the original being. The original being has "free will" and therefore all creatures have it. This over time also makes them co-creators - they also make "creations" which can only exist of and from the original source, the ground of all being.

You as co-creator want your realm to be believeable for your creations, its inhabitants. You want your creations to be enraptured and enthralled by it. It might be good if the creations give thanks to their creator; but, it is redundant after all.

Some of the co-creators might be very powerful entities. They may "create" or "cause" vast realms of their "own" filled with every kind of creation. Works of Sublime High Art. Maybe this universe we find ourselves in.

The ideal situation in these realms is where the "creatures" are not aware that there is a creation, or not aware of its boundaries, or its true origin. To these circumscribed creatures, it just "is".

But a realm such as this is more than just creations and creatures that are visible. Its framework is more than what's visible or tactile or sensate in any way by any creature. A realm like this needs underlying laws and deep structure. It needs things like space and energy and time and fundamental forces and constants and a fabric. It needs information about itself in the form of codes and recordings and memories of every kind.

How do you as an immensely powerful co-creator involve your creatures in your creation? How does your realm become everything?

One of the best tools you discover to achieve this blinding, as it were, is causality. Causality is the apparent relation between one thing or action or force and another. It will underpin everything. It will conjure up "time" as a plane where "things" play out. It will conjure up "space". It will be the most powerful of convincers and binders.

Your realm, this realm, will use marvelous stagecraft on a scale far beyond any petty creature's imagination. Its magic will completely master misdirection on a galactic platform. It will be a magical architecture of the gods. It will feed delusions and nurture wrong conclusions. Here all assumptions, facts, correlations and deductions will be invalid. They will seem very right but they will in fact be utterly wrong.

To make the illusion of your realm seamless and as effortless as a vortex, you will intensify the experience of your creatures and creations. How? As much as possible, you will keep their focus narrow and short. You will speed their perception and existence up. You will raise the stakes for them to cloud their realm minds further. A barrage of details and facts and feelings and thoughts will help to anchor them firmly in your realm. There will be inducements to believe and accept. There will be a worship of form and ritual and symbols. The creatures of your co-creation realm will be aware of and mindful of the reactions of others and of themself. Continuity in this causal realm will become critical. Memories of this realm will become dear and will be preserved through further memories and actions.

Your co-creation realm cannot extinguish free will or choice but it can try to appropriate them and discount them. You will provide numerous possibilities for discovery and mystification and reward - this will entrance "your" co-creations (not really "your" creations). You will give them pain and pleasure. You will give them feelings and emotions. You will give them forbidden actions and things to tie them down more tightly. You will bind them further with horror and injustice. You will blind their inner truth with heaven and hell and demons and angels.

But your best encumbrance will be the worship of you as the "one" because of your magnificence and that of "your" co-creation realm. This will be so incapacitating that almost no-one will see past it.

The Way It Can Be, Louis Evan Palmer, How To Make a Universe, http://twicb.blogspot.com
Copyright 2007 Louis Evan Palmer lives in Ontario Canada. His short stories have been published in numerous publications.



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